MemCatch User Interface Design

While at the University of Michigan School of Information, I interned for a local startup, MemCatch LLC, as a User Interface Intern. It was a particularly interesting position, as when I came in (along with another intern), MemCatch had developed the framework and very basic UI for a “collaborative knowledgebase”, a very unique concept centered around users coming together and adding many different types of information both clipped from websites and uniquely user-created, in a fully social and collaborative environment.

Together with the other intern, we worked to develop an information architecture that supported the very complex interactions among many user groups and collaborative/public groups, as well as creating a distinct branding and UI feel (which included iconography, copywriting, and interaction methods). We collaboratively created detailed, high fidelity and interactive mockups of the site using OmniGraffle. In addition,  I worked on developing a iPhone app interaction design Payday Loans that both reflected the unique UI feel of the site while conforming to iPhone interaction methods. I also worked with the other intern in developing a video walk-through to help introduce and instruct users.

I enjoyed a great deal of my experience at MemCatch, as it was a very fast-paced environment with a very small team, and I was able to learn a great deal from the developers, marketing staff, and the others I worked alongside daily. While MemCatch unfortunately ceased operation, I feel that the work I did there taught me a great deal about the process of UI and UX design, its importance in the development of a new service/product, and the importance of working closely with others outside of UX. It was a tremendous experience, and I wish all of my former coworkers well.


High Fidelity Prototype Mockup (PDF)