Graphic Design Work

At the University of Michigan School of Information, I took SI 520: Graphic Design, in which I learned the principles of graphic design, such as color theory, grid use, typography, the rule of three, web, print, and postage standards, and the use of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Bridge. I also created a variety of print and digital projects, including website mockups, bookmarks and booklets, business cards, presentation and informative posters, and many Online Blackjack more. Some of these pieces are available for view below.

Through this coursework, not only did I learn how to effectively use graphic creation software, but I also learned important principles and practices in graphic design, which has helped me immensely in my interface design work. One area that was greatly improved was my approach to readability and appropriate typography,  which were attributes I felt were lacking in my previous work.