FSLd: fMRI Analysis and GUI

While at UCLA, I worked as an undergraduate research assistant for the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior in re-implementing a statistical analysis package for fMRI data, with several added analysis features. The original analysis package, SPMd, is a toolset for analysis of fMRI statistics and data for the SPM analysis package. The professor I was working with wanted a similar toolset, but for use with the FSL analysis package. He also wanted several different ways of exploring and analyzing the data, including several new statistical analyses. For most of the work, I had to deconstruct and use the SMPd functions, and implement a GUI for the data in MATLAB. For the new analyses, I worked with a Buy Levitra Statistics post-doc. At several points in the project, I wrote up and presented my work for various classes. At the end of the project, I developed a crude but functional alpha of FSLd that was used for real analysis.

I really enjoyed this project, and it was the first project where I became interested in interfaces and visualization. I was fascinated by how the professor and his team used the statistical packages I was implementing- basically, they were able to quickly recognize and categorize areas of the extraordinarily complex data for later investigation simply by inspecting visualized maps of complex information. It both showed me the importance of visual recognition, and the necessity of supporting GUIs.